Twitter Tips: How to Check for Unfollowers and Best Unfollow Practices

July 7, 2012

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I’ve tried a number of free Twitter unfollow programs, and while they all work similarly, some of them stand out better than others. My best recommendation? ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is the only free Twitter unfollow web-based program that allowed me to filter out my Twitter non-followers by Follow Order, which is important to me if I’m trying to grow my Followers list.

I typically give users up to 48 hours to follow me back. After that, I unfollow the non-followers, as it’s pretty clear to me that they’re either inactive or don’t plan to follow me. Twitter following slots are at a premium, especially since you’re only allowed 10% of your Followers count once you’re past 1800 followers, and I need those slots to find more Followers in order to continue to grow my list.

With ManageFlitter, I filter out the non-followers by the order of when I followed them, then click on each user, and then click on the “Unfollow” button. By doing this, I’ve now mass-unfollowed a bunch of non-followers. Be careful that you don’t unfollow too many at a time/session, otherwise your account may get suspended by Twitter themselves. Instead, do 50 or 100 at a time. You can always log back in later in the day to do more.

Should you unfollow your followers? I never do, mainly because of customer service reasons. I’ve always believed that communication and respect is a two-way street. By unfollowing one of your followers, it can be viewed as a slap in the face, and the only way they can communicate with you then is through public @ mentions only. Keep following them, as you can always create Lists to filter out the noise (my next tip/article).

Due to being a free account, ManageFlitter limits you to 100 unfollows per day, however up at the top of the browser, you can click on the “Increase your daily unfollow limit to 2000” button. All you need to do is a few simple things, and they’ll bump up your unfollow limit.

Join ManageFlitter through this link, and you’ll get a bonus 200 unfollows per day to start, making it a total of 300 unfollows per day. Zero cost to you!


Coming up next…Twitter Tips: How to Filter the Noise

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